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Women are supposed to have been dreaming about their weddings since they were little girls.  Not me.  I mean, I was going to marry Sean Cassidy, but I never gave a moment’s thought to the big day.  In fact, when my neighbor wanted to play “bride,” arranging a pillow case over her hair as a veil, I pretended to be a cat.   Is it any wonder we’ve arrived at carriage before marriage?

Now that Dave and I are actually planning our wedding, it’s time to play catch-up.  I feel like before I can really figure out my vision, I need to access the hopes and dreams of the girl I used to be.  What kind of wedding would she want?

For starters, I’m sure my bridesmaids would wear something like this:

And let’s face it, I would look amazing in this dress:

But that length might be hard to dance in, so I’d change into one like this for the reception:

And we’d rock out to the best wedding band ever:

Of course if they weren’t available, and certainly John Taylor might be miffed at me for marrying someone else, I’m sure we could get these guys:

And then we’d eat our cake:

And we’d drive away in this, only with a big “Just Married” banner and cans attached:

(Magnum not included.)

This is easier than I thought.  I totally need a Pinterest account.



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