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First, thanks for all the love and support around my weaning crisis.   It helped a lot.   I’ve officially stopped breastfeeding and I have to say it was probably harder on me (and Dave, who had to put up with me) than on Viv.  She is still getting used to the new routine but I know she’ll be okay, and I’m enjoying filling her up with extra love and snacks throughout the day.  (She totally loved her first Pinkberry.)

I am a little worried that my boobs will blow up into basketballs, which can happen when the milk has nowhere to go.  I’ve asked around about remedies for engorgement and have a cabbage chilling in my fridge just in case.

I’m also worried that my boobs will deflate back down to middle school levels.  That’s great motivation to get pregnant again ASAP–cleavage.

The good news is that Dr. Rosenpenis decided to postpone the fertility drugs until he sees how my body behaves this month post-breastfeeding.   It is possible that my hormone levels will just return to normal and then we can try to conceive the old fashioned way.  My doc actually said “sometimes nature works better than drugs,” and I was impressed to hear that attitude from a fertility specialist. It almost makes up for the graph he gave me last time.

Meanwhile, my Dad was relieved because he didn’t want to see me get into “an Octomom situation.”  I’m pretty sure I could have avoided having eight babies by, you know, not having a doctor implant eight fertilized eggs in me, but now at least my Dad can rest easy.

In other news, Circle of Moms posted profiles of the Top 25 Funny Mom blogs and here’s Carriage Before Marriage.  I’ve been enjoying checking out the competition too – some very funny ladies.  Circle of Moms also gives me the chance to pretend to be an “expert” from time to time and you can see some of my “advice” here.

I’ll be back with a shiny happy topic in a few days — just wanted to let you know I was (almost) done being melancholy.  xoxo

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