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My partner and I are trying for our second baby. Given my advanced maternal age, the good old rolls in the hay aren’t cutting it, so we’re facing fertility testing and probable treatments, looming large and expensive.

I’m also cranky from my no wine or caffeine pre-conception diet.  So I thought now would be a good time to remind myself why I want that second kid so bad. Here goes:

1. How else can I become the loveable matriarch of a wacky multi-generational family like on Parenthood or Brothers & Sisters? (I’m especially looking forward to the dinner parties at my house where everyone talks over everyone else and stunning secrets are revealed.)

2. So that I can gripe about my “kids” — much more impactful when plural.

3. I’m hoping to amortize the cost of the 900 baby products that we used for under 3 months.

4. Otherwise I’ll never get to threaten to “turn this car around.” It takes two to tango.

5. A Rosie Pope maternity boutique just opened in my neighborhood and I need an excuse to try on the fancy  “Onassis dress.”

6. So that my daughter has someone to complain about me to for the rest of her life. Think of the money she can save in therapy.

7. To achieve the dream of my partner and I sleeping in on Saturday mornings while my daughter watches cartoons with her little brother or sister.

8. I need a good reason to buy a bigger car without feeling guilty about the environment.

9. To experience the feeling of being confident, instead of a panicky, with a new baby.

10. Because my daughter is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me, and I love watching my partner be her awesome dad.  Here’s hoping lightning can strike twice.

There, now if I’m lucky enough to conceive again, I can go back and review this list while I’m struggling to care for a toddler during the queasy first trimester.  (Where is the Green Sheep?  She’s right here! Throwing up!)  On second thought, maybe I should hold off on that new car.


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