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You’ve grown a tiny human in your belly for nine months and you’re about to give birth. As a mom-to-be, your role in this whole baby-making adventure is clear. What’s less obvious is how your partner can best support you on the big day. Here are ten essential jobs for dads in the delivery room:

1. Bell Boy. You’re carrying the baby. He can carry everything else, even if that means hauling your bedding from home and a ton of clothes and books you’ll never need.

2. Valet Parker. The pain of labor makes you wish you could be airlifted into the delivery room. The next best thing is for your partner to drop you off curbside while he parks.

3. Documentarian. Many dads in the delivery room enjoy capturing the miracle of life before, after, and even during the birth. Make sure your husband understands that he’s also responsible for deleting any photos where you appear to have more chins than the baby.

4. Massage Therapist. Whether you need deep pressure on your lower back or gentle stroking of your sweaty hairline, your partner’s touch can be a powerful comfort. Except for those times when you’re screaming, “Don’t touch me!” That happens.

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