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One year ago, I launched Carriage Before Marriage.

Thank you so much for reading it!

Stick with me and in 2013 you will find out if I get pregnant, watch the least knowledgeable bride in the world plan her wedding, and learn whether Viv’s two’s are terrible or just bananas.

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I need to thank the following people, without whom Carriage Before Marriage would not have been possible:

To Wendy Hammers, my guru, who made it okay for me to call myself a writer because, as she told me, “writers write.”

To Hannah, whose blog The Lexingtonienne (full of yummy recipes and even yummier pictures of her daughter) motivated me to finally get started, and whose introduction to her blog designer friend Jeff made it possible for me to actually get started.

To Jeff, for my beautiful logo and layout, for teaching me WordPress and for fielding frequent melodramatic emails with “HELP” and“911” in the subject line.

To Jerry, writer of the brilliant blog Mommy Man, who has been so generous with advice.

To Adrian, who let me guest post on Dad or Alive, made me get on Twitter and taught me that FF does not stand for Fast Forward, and who shares my shit with abandon.

To my friends, for getting the word out and leaving comments to make me feel popular.

To our families, for being so cool about me letting it all hang out on the internet.  (Except that time my Dad unsubscribed because I wrote about lube.  But he’s back now.)

To my readers, whose thoughtful feedback and support mean everything to me.

To Dave, my best editor, for laughing at my jokes.   And to Viv, for all my material.




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