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Here’s a quiz I found in one of my bridal magazines:

What Kind of Bride Are You?

1. How would you describe your look?
A. Flirty and feminine
B. Sleek and contemporary
C. Yoga pants and a dark t-shirt with food on it


2. What kind of lingerie would you love to wear under your wedding gown?

A. Matching white lace bra, panties and garter belt
B. Something naughty from Agent Provocateur
C. Spanx, more Spanx, some fishing line and an ace bandage

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3. When you imagine your wedding flowers, what do they look like?

A. Pink garden roses and peonies
B. White calla lilies and amaryllis
C. Stems with all the petals plucked off by a grabby little flower enthusiast


4. Which love song best sums up your relationship?

A. The Way You Look Tonight, sung by Frank Sinatra
B. Make You Feel My Love, sung by Adele
C. The Itsy Bitsy Spider, sung in a continuous loop


5. After the wedding, do you picture yourself bidding farewell in a:

A. Vintage limousine
B. Porsche Boxter convertible
C. Dirty SUV containing a car seat, stroller and a year’s worth of Cheerios


6. What’s your dream honeymoon destination?

A. 5-star stay in the south of France
B. Glam-camping in Costa Rica
C. Anywhere I can sleep in past 8a



All A’s – You’re a Princess Bride.  Make sure you invite enough people to carry your train.

All B’s – You’re a Modern Bride.  Ask one of your bridesmaids to live-blog your special day.

All C’s – You’re a Carriage Before Marriage Bride.  Good luck planning your wedding, dumbass.

Having a baby before the wedding seemed like such a good idea at the time.  While I’m thrilled that we’re finally getting married, I must admit, I’m finding it hard to conjure up “dewy bride” while I’m knee deep in the toddler experience.

We’ve started interviewing wedding photographers.  Here’s me: “So, enough about your credentials, can you make me look like I’ve ever had a full night’s sleep during the past three years?  That’s the look I’m going for.”

And once we’ve left these meetings, Dave has no idea what even happened because while I stay laser focused on “Bridezilla’s list of insane questions designed to drive vendors away” (trademark pending), poor Dave is left to wrangle our wild child who has so far marked her territory by knocking over an expensive light and pooping in the studio.  Just imagine the kind of damage she can do at a bakery.

One wedding planning item I know will be a piece of cake (and it’s not the cake) is selecting our wedding rings.   Me and diamonds totally get along.

diamond eternity band

How do you feel about beautiful bling?  Have a special occasion coming up, or just craving a little sparkle?  You could be in luck.

When Reeds Jewelers heard I was writing about my wedding planning, they decided to offer one Carriage Before Marriage reader a $100 gift card.  Don’t say I never did anything for you.

You can enter the giveaway between Tuesday, March 19 and Monday, April 1.  To see what Reeds Jewelers has to offer and increase your number of entries, you can join their website and/or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

You deserve something nice.  Enter now.  Good luck!

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