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You’d think my wedding day would be motivation enough to finish losing the baby weight.

After all, my first dress fitting is just three months away (!!!) and the designer made me promise I’d be at my goal size by then.

But lately, I’d been trying to reach that goal by “thinking thin,” which I did from my couch, with bagels.

Then this happened:

jacket too tight

Let me explain…

I hosted a dinner party for a friend’s birthday, and one of my guests arrived in an outfit I coveted.  It was so basic that she probably didn’t understand why I was fawning all over her.  Skinny jeans, a white tee and a perfectly tailored boyfriend blazer.  Her ensemble was tasteful and sexy, casual yet put together–the kind of outfit that becomes a go-to in your closet, like a little black dress.  I had the jeans, I had the tee.  I needed the blazer.

The very next day, I was driving past the Theory boutique and saw they were having a huge 60% off sale.  That usually means the only sizes left are double zero (for 12-year-olds and Kate Bosworth), but there it was — a beautiful boyfriend blazer in my size.  Sort of.  It was the size I used to be before baby.  Before my waistline went the way of the dinosaur.   Before cheddar bunnies.

Buying it a size up wasn’t even an option.  The shoulders would have been huge.  The sleeves were already a little long.  So I bought it even though I can’t button it.  Like, at all.  Not even if I was laying on my back and exhaling.

Now, people.  Now I’m motivated.  I want to wear this blazer.  I want a cool perfect outfit I can wear anywhere, and not just once on my wedding day.

My hope is that in three months I’ll be able to button it.  Either way, I promise I’ll show you.

Wish me luck!





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