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Until five years ago, most of my Valentine’s Days were comically awful. 

There was the time I carelessly ended a college relationship on February 14, thinking a nice dinner and chocolate would somehow soften the blow.  Or the night an overzealous Valentine nibbled my ear until he dislodged my diamond stud earring, which was lost forever in a taxi cab (or maybe he swallowed it).  That wasn’t as bad as the medical resident who tried to impress me one Valentine’s Day by demonstrating a (pretend) emergency tracheotomy on my throat, using permanent marker to make his point.

But five years ago, I strode into a Valentine’s Day party and made flirty eyes at a cute guy who would become my fiancé (two Valentine’s Days later) and the father of my child.  This year, we’ll create a new anniversary when we get married in July, but I’m always going to insist on celebrating Valentine’s Day.  And you should too.


My Unasked For Valentine’s Day Advice for Singles:

If you’re single and looking, for God’s sakes, grab some friends and go out!  This is the one night of the year you don’t have to check for wedding ring tan lines to learn someone’s marital status.  If they’re out without a date, they’re single and ready to mingle.  As I can attest, it can be a great night to meet someone new, as long as you don’t put too much pressure on yourself.  Try to pretend it’s just another Friday.  A Friday where you put on a fabulous outfit and treat yourself to champagne with a chocolate chaser.

My Unasked For Valentine’s Day Advice for Couples:

You don’t have to kowtow to the corporate machine and spend money on Hallmark cards and See’s Candy (unless you know that’s exactly what he/she loves).  But ignoring Valentine’s Day completely is a wasted opportunity to be romantic and show your appreciation.  Why not pull out the good wine glasses, eat dinner by candlelight and hula dance around the living room, or whatever floats your relationship boat?  The best case scenario is everybody gets laid.  The worst case is you both fall asleep in front of When Harry Met Sally.  Wow, that sounds horrible.  I hope that doesn’t happens.

Happy Valentine’s Day XOXO

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