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When I started making preschool lunches last fall, I perused Pinterest for meal ideas and promptly hyperventilated and passed out.

Where the hell did these Pinterest moms get all their time and energy?

Elmo lunch

 Were these moms all on drugs, and if so, where could I get some?

hot dog octopus

Then yesterday, I was trying to solve a sandwich problem.  I noticed my kid wasn’t eating her crusts and there was no way I was going start making four extra cuts every day at 7 am.


I figured a large round cookie cutter could do the crust removal job for me in one fell swoop.  The only cookie cutter I could find, wedged between some crusty baking pans and the cloth napkins I use biannually, was one with scalloped edges.


Even reduced to a squiggly circle, her sandwich still didn’t look bite sized, so I cut it in half before sending it on its way.

That afternoon, when I checked my kid’s lunch box, I was astonished to see that the food was all gone.

“Honey, you liked your sandwich?” I asked skeptically.

“Yes Mommy! Make the dinosaurs again tomorrow!”

Dinosaurs?  WTF?

And that’s when I realized that I had accidentally made Stegosaurus sandwiches.



How you like me now, Pinterest? Booya.


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