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Even on my laziest parenting days, when I microwave leftovers and skip the bath, I never skimp on teeth brushing.  I feel so responsible for cleaning my daughter’s mini pearly whites, especially given her love of sugary treats.  Of course, my kid doesn’t always appreciate my good intentions, clamping her mouth shut when it’s time to brush, or running away.  

Recently, I got some much needed help from Aquafresh—the little mouth experts™.  When a package containing their apple-banana flavored training toothpaste and colorful training toothbrush arrived, my daughter was immediately intrigued, asking if she could try them. Why, yes! (And let me just hold up this “modesty washcloth” so I can photograph you doing so.)  


Actual quote from my daughter: “Mom, this toothpaste is so yummy.  I can taste the apple AND the banana.”  She sucked down the first glob of toothpaste and asked for more.  Luckily, it’s safe to swallow because it’s fluoride-free, which our pediatric dentist recommends until kids are old enough to swish and spit.  


A good taste really helps my tooth brushing cause, especially since I once traumatized my daughter by accidentally putting my adult mint toothpaste on her brush.  She ran around yelping like I’d laced it with hot sauce.

Of course, sometimes it takes more than tasty flavor to get the job done.  Some of my favorite ways to get my daughter’s teeth brushed are:

* I let her brush my teeth.  Comedy gold.

* We go on a hunt for tonight’s dinner foods, brushing away the broccoli and the blueberries (okay, really the mac n’ cheese and cookies).

* I tell her I need to count her teeth.  Sometimes she has at least 50. 

* I sing a new song that I’m making up on the spot, and she gets so distracted by the funny words she forgets I’m brushing her teeth.

* I scare her with the threat of cavities.  She does not like the idea of little holes in her teeth.  This is mean, I know. Only in emergencies.

Brushing our kids’ teeth correctly is so important, because compared to your tooth enamel, your baby’s is 50% thinner. That’s why you need expert protection.  For more help getting your kids to brush, visit Aquafresh’s Website There are great tips for moms, plus a super cute free app called Time 2 Brush that kids can engage with on your mobile phone or tablet. 

Happy Brushing!


*Please use product as directed on label.

*Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Aquafresh through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Aquafresh, all opinions are my own.

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