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I’m getting married in 5 weeks (!) and I’ve started wondering – should I change my name?

Not my last name, silly.  “Wruble” is too much a part of me.  Wrubes.  A-Dub.  Amy Roooo.  Ruby Tuesday.  Arugula.  Wruble-loo.  Wruby.  Where do the nicknames go if you change your name?

Besides, Google loves “Wruble.”  There are only like six of us on the planet, so I’m highly searchable, which is great for a freelance writer and bad if the internet had been around when I was in college.

Nope, the name I was thinking of changing is Carriage Before Marriage.

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I started this blog as an outlet for all my funny/frustrating/crazy new-mom moments.  That hasn’t changed.  Well, maybe I’m not as new at the mom thing, but I’ve doubled down on the funny/frustrating/crazy, so it evens out.

But my POV – the thing I hoped would set me apart from a zillion other mom bloggers – was that I hadn’t yet married my babydaddy.

I’ve had a good time writing about this.

Perhaps you remember…

A Husband By Any Other Name …in which I lament the lack of good titles for one’s non-married life partner

Guess What?  I’m Offensive …taking on a well-meaning but deluded blogger who was shocked–shocked!–that someone like me would do this carriage before marriage thing on purpose

Silly Wedding Traditions I Can Avoid By Being A Mom …pooh-poohing such nonsense as separate beds and rice-throwing (choking hazard, duh)

The Real Peril of Putting the Carriage Before Marriage …hint, it involves a moody toddler who gets car sick

5 Surprising Reactions When I Tell People I’m Marrying My Babydaddy …from a prudish grandma to an englightened rabbi

But all that turned out to be just a small part of what I had to say.  I wrote very important things about my butt crack and an obscenely large doll house and getting ditched on Facebook and lists.

So now what?

In 5 weeks I will be just another married lady.  Our daughter probably won’t even remember a time when her parents were groovy flower children, refusing to conform to society’s rules, man.   “Carriage before marriage” will always be our origin story, but will it still be relevant once the rings are on?  Leave your thoughts in the comments.




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