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Back in February, I asked a very important question:

“Will I ever be able to button this jacket?”

4 months ago jacket

The jacket, a saucy little Theory blazer purchased optimistically in my pre-baby size, was to be my proxy for the wedding gown–which was still being made–as I attempted to drop a few inches and lb’s.

I committed to showing you an “after” picture wearing the jacket, which I figured would help motivate me.  Plus, I couldn’t very well show you my dress before the wedding.  It’s bad luck!

So, for the past four months I’ve been working it: Weight Watchers, the trainer, walking dates with a long-legged friend, and a lot of hot tea and chewing gum.

And now, as promised, here I am 4 months later (and 1 month before my wedding), wearing the jacket…

jacket after suck it

Hardest thing about losing the weight: Children’s birthday parties.

Coolest thing about losing it: New clothes!  As in, the old ones in my closet.  Some of them actually fit again!

Funniest thing about losing it: Watching Dave try to express his admiration without sounding like a jerk (“You look better–I mean good–you look good!”)

Now I just have to stay strong until the wedding cake, which I will dive into face first.

Thanks for keeping me honest, blogosphere.  You’re better than Atkins.

XOXO Hungry Bride


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