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With two weeks left until our wedding, I’ve been trimming, tinting, plucking, waxing, shaping, toning and otherwise altering every cell of my body.  Meanwhile, Dave’s to-do list had one item: “Get haircut.”  I decided the only way to level the playing field would be for us to do some kind of beauty treatment TOGETHER.

Lucikly, Smile Brilliant had sent me two of their at-home LED Teeth Whitening kits for review.  And who doesn’t need a little brightening up before picture day?


The idea behind Smile Brilliant’s product is that you can simulate the professional teeth whitening experience (like “Zoom” at the dentist) at home and on a budget, more like what you’d pay for plain old teeth whitening strips.  It’s pretty reasonable at $39.95 for a kit that lasts 5 or more uses.


You start by painting your teeth with the whitening gel pen.


Then you insert the plastic lip guards


Swith on the battery-powered “LED Accelerator Light.”


And hold it against the trays in your mouth for about 30 minutes.


After you switch off the LED light, you can continue with just the gel and trays in your mouth for another 1-3 hours.  We stopped after one hour because Dave wanted his mouth back for snacking.  But I could have kept going — the gel didn’t bother my teeth at all, unlike some products I’d used in the past that stinged, and I got used to the trays pretty quickly (while I caught up on Orange is the New Black).

We both noticed a subtle brightening of our teeth.  It’s recommended to use the product multiple times.  I think it was a bit time consuming for Dave, but I’d use it again, and probably will go a few rounds before the wedding.  It’s also good for my diet because of the whole busy mouth thing.

If you have any questions about my experience with Smile Brilliant, leave them in the comments.

And P.S. Did you notice my fancy new wedding graphics on the blog? (Scroll down to see the getaway car.)  They’re from Kelsee Ishmael my designer, and I love them.

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