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Dating was fun, but I can’t say I miss it.  Here’s just a sampling of the wrong-for-me dudes I encountered on the road to destiny…

1. Didn’t like cheese guy

2. Forgot his wallet on the first date guy

3. Mirror-hogging metrosexual guy

pretty college guy

4.  Over 30 virgin guy

5. Didn’t laugh at my jokes and instead said “that’s funny” guy

6. Didn’t appreciate my booty guy

7. Only called the first half of the month until he ran out of cell phone minutes guy

8. Moody chain-smoking guy

9. Borrowed my accessories and makeup but still didn’t realize he preferred guys guy

10. Kept sending me books about “the swinging lifestyle” guy

Dear Dave, thank you for being you, and for liking cheese.  You’re my kind of guy.

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