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There are many benefits to having kids later in life: You’re more settled and secure, you know who you are and you’ve already had a chance to see the world before making that lengthy stop in Diaper Town. That said, being an older mom also has some liabilities, like permanent exhaustion and very stubborn baby weight.

Does any of this sound familiar? Are you just a wee bit older than the average mom on the street? Here’s how to tell! You know you’re an older mom when…

1. The second trimester is just as debilitating as the first trimester.

2. You need bifocals to change the batteries in the ExerSaucer.

3. Everyone in Mommy & Me is having 30th birthday parties while you are celebrating your 40th.

4. You could be your babysitter’s mother.

5. You cut yourself some parenting slack because you’re old enough to remember riding in the “way back” with no car seat while your mom puffed Virginia Slims and your dad drank a Miller.

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