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Pregnancy is an emotional time. There are happy tears. Sad tears. Scared tears. And “I don’t even know why I’m crying” tears. Maybe it’s one of these 40 reasons:


1. It’s Tuesday

2. That commercial with the babies/puppies/baby puppies came on

3. Your partner forgot to buy the paper towels

4. Your partner brought you flowers

5. You’re getting what you’ve always wanted

6. But what if you’ve made a horrible mistake?

7. You heard the heartbeat for the first time

8. You threw up for the first time

9. You went to work with just a little bit of vomit in your hair

10. Your mom brought your tattered old baby blanket that she’s been saving for decades, hoping this moment would someday come

11. Your mom says she thought you weren’t supposed to gain any weight until the second trimester

12. Your pants don’t fit

13. What the hell is going on with your nipples?

14. There is no cure for stretch marks

15. Your BF sent you your first Mother’s Day card

16. The overwhelming cuteness of Baby Gap

17. You had a bad day

18. You had a good day

19. Someone just looked at your belly and remarked, “Any day now!” – despite the fact that you’re only halfway there

20. You singed your new plus size belly on a burner while trying to make pancakes

21. “The Greatest Love of All” came on the radio and you do believe the children are our future

22. The baby kicked

23. The baby kicked you in the crotch

24. Just when you and your partner finally agreed on a name, your frenemy, due two months before you, stole it

25. Your feet have somehow grown a half size and you’re going to have to give away your entire designer shoe collection

26. You watched Dirty Dancing, and nobody puts Baby in the corner

27. You still have no idea which car seat to buy, so clearly you’re not ready to be a mother!

28. What if the baby weighs 12 pounds and gets stuck in your birth canal?

29. What if the baby is born on Christmas?

30. What if, after buying all-pink baby gear and frilly dresses and painting the nursery petal and blush, the doctor was wrong and it’s really a boy?

31. The simple task of putting shoes on has not been this difficult since you were two years old

32. You dropped your phone on the floor of the car and now you’ll never see it again

33. Melasma is making you look more and more like The Joker every day

34. You can’t sleep

35. You can’t breathe

36. You need a donut, like, right now

37. You’re terrified of going into labor

38. The miracle of life is disgusting

39. The miracle of life is a miracle

40. You’re having a baby!


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