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Momtastic asked me and my 4-year-old Viv to shoot some videos for Hasbro’s hot new toy, FurReal Friends Starlily My Magical Unicorn.


Yeah, that’s a mouthful (especially for me to say in the commercial) but Starlily deserves her many names, because she does so many things, like eat sugarberries, whinny and coo, flutter her wings, change the color of her horn, respond to cuddling and even sing back to you.


Viv loves her, and Baby Chloe does too.  I’m pretty sure Chloe thinks Starlily is our real, live family pet.


But photos alone don’t do Starlily justice.  You’ve got to see her in action.

Viv and I had an amazing day on set, getting our hair done and feeling fancy.  We also met the other mother/daughter duo, Shauna & Averie, who are so cute togther.  (When you go to the link, Shauna and Averie’s two videos appear first, then ours run.)

Let me know what you think!

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