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Babies supposedly become toddlers at one year, but that’s nonsense if you ask me. At 12 months, my daughter was still crawling, babbling and mostly bald. That’s a baby, right?

Also, she was super easy-going back then—open-minded towards whatever books, meals or plans I presented. Mommy could do no wrong, which means Mommy still had a baby.

Becoming a toddler is a gradual process, and you may not realize it has happened until a copy of “Goodnight Moon” is flying at your face. So how do you know for sure whether your baby has become a toddler? Take this quiz and find out!

1. You’re in an elevator. Does your child need to push all the buttons, including the big red emergency help button, requiring you to assure an unseen voice that you’re not in any danger other than dying of embarrassment?

2. You’re in the car. If you attempt to listen to your favorite morning radio show, the alternative rock station or news and weather, does a DJ you never hired shout “No! Change it! Don’t like it!” and demand the “Moana” soundtrack.

3. You’re anywhere in the world. Is your offspring naked for no good reason?

4. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much trouble would you be in if you pre-cut the breakfast waffle when your child wanted it to be “ONE PIECE!”… despite said child indicating the exact opposite 30 seconds ago?

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