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I’m Amy, a former reality television producer and advertising executive finally living the dream of writing barefoot while I raise my daughters and occasionally feed my very understanding husband. You might know me from my parenting humor blog of 5 years, Carriage Before Marriage, named a Babble Top 100 Mom Blog and a Circle of Moms Top 25 Funny Moms blog. A few of my posts went viral–in a non-germy way–including “40 Effed Up Things about Being 40” and “You’ll Always Be My First.” But after getting married and growing weary of explaining my origin story (baby, then wedding, then baby), I decided to relaunch the website under my actual name. Now that’s reality.

I love the weird and wonderful places writing and blogging have taken me, from co-starring in a Hasbro commercial with my daughter to appearing on Ricki Lake to working as a hand model for cooking videos.  I am always up for a creative adventure.

Once upon a time, I studied English literature at the University of Pennsylvania and I still love books, especially in paper form. I force my kids to listen to 80s music. I will never give up pasta. Most days, my exercise routine consists of 3 minutes of yoga stretching while I watch Love it or List it (being sentimental, I always prefer when they love it). My favorite TV shows of all time are Friends, Sex and the City, The West Wing, 30 Rock, Twin Peaks, Arrested Development and The Love Boat.

I’m a regular contributor to websites like and Momtastic, and I’ve written for magazines and anthologies. I enjoy working with brands, with or without my byline. Also, I took one adult education class on children’s book writing, so my best-selling board book or maybe YA novel should be coming out any time now.

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