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6 Things Kids Hate That Make ZERO Sense

If you're old enough to remember a bath product called Calgon, then you definitely remember their commercials. A frazzled mom yells, "Calgon, take me away!" and is transported into a luxurious bubble bath, where, presumably, she can no longer hear her kids arguing....

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8 Ways My Kids Are Total Self-Care Blockers

Have you heard? The buzz word of the day is "self-care," moms. This means we’re all supposed to do a better job putting ourselves first, or at least not putting ourselves last. Sounds good, right? Every day, I read articles touting essential self-care practices for...

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Sh*t Happens

  It was a big day in a mom's life, so I decided to dust off my blog. Thank you for reading it! As of this morning, I have two kids attending school: a first grader and a preschooler. I'm used to my big girl being at school by now, but I have mixed feelings about...

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Quiz: Has Your Baby Turned into a Toddler?

Babies supposedly become toddlers at one year, but that's nonsense if you ask me. At 12 months, my daughter was still crawling, babbling and mostly bald. That’s a baby, right? Also, she was super easy-going back then—open-minded towards whatever books, meals or plans...

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Dear World, Stop Calling Me “Ma’am”

The other day, I found 15 extra minutes in the morning and used it to blow dry my hair and dab on some concealer and gloss. I also managed to squeeze into a pair of my pre-pregnancy jeans. So I was feeling F-I-N-E fine when I strode into my coffee place, only to have...

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8 Reasons Why I’ll Never Be a Perfect Mom

If you’d met me before I became I mom, you would have been impressed. Not only had I earned a masters degree and become the boss at my job, but I wore stylish outfits and blow dried my hair every time I took a shower, which was daily. I really had it going on. So when...

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