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7 Toddler Milestones Nobody Warns You About

Remember thinking that your newborn baby was so complicated? How do I get her to sleep? Is she eating enough? Is she gassy? Why is she making that face? Then you look back and realize what an idiot you were, because babies are the easiest thing ever. Especially when...

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6 Things Kids Hate That Make ZERO Sense

If you're old enough to remember a bath product called Calgon, then you definitely remember their commercials. A frazzled mom yells, "Calgon, take me away!" and is transported into a luxurious bubble bath, where, presumably, she can no longer hear her kids arguing....

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8 Ways My Kids Are Total Self-Care Blockers

Have you heard? The buzz word of the day is "self-care," moms. This means we’re all supposed to do a better job putting ourselves first, or at least not putting ourselves last. Sounds good, right? Every day, I read articles touting essential self-care practices for...

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Sh*t Happens

  It was a big day in a mom's life, so I decided to dust off my blog. Thank you for reading it! As of this morning, I have two kids attending school: a first grader and a preschooler. I'm used to my big girl being at school by now, but I have mixed feelings about...

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Quiz: Has Your Baby Turned into a Toddler?

Babies supposedly become toddlers at one year, but that's nonsense if you ask me. At 12 months, my daughter was still crawling, babbling and mostly bald. That’s a baby, right? Also, she was super easy-going back then—open-minded towards whatever books, meals or plans...

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Dear World, Stop Calling Me “Ma’am”

The other day, I found 15 extra minutes in the morning and used it to blow dry my hair and dab on some concealer and gloss. I also managed to squeeze into a pair of my pre-pregnancy jeans. So I was feeling F-I-N-E fine when I strode into my coffee place, only to have...

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